It’s official. The 2018 Classic at Pismo Beach Car Show is SOLD OUT! But spaces might open up the weekend of the show…

Things happen. Kids get sick. Plans change. And sometimes, some car registrants don’t show up.

With so many attendees at the show each year, it’s very likely a few spaces will open up on the weekend of the show. Although we can’t make any promises, we do encourage you, if it’s convenient, to come visit the Registration Booth at the show to get on a standby list for this year’s event. That said, if you’re driving out from another state to participate, don’t hold your breath! We’d hate for you to come all the way out just to be turned away.

If you have questions about how registration and grandfathering works, check out this article.

PS: There are a few open vendor spaces for this year’s show. If you’re interested in vending this year’s event, you can check out this page or contact us.

This year is going to be great! We’ll see you in June!